The Dak Dilemma

August 13, 2019

Brady King
photo cred: AP Images

NBA free agency had Woj bombs. The NFL apparently has Slater bombs.

The NFL Network’s Jane Slater reported Monday, August 12th, that Dak is asking for $40 million. The sports Twitterverse blew up yesterday when it saw that.

Dak’s people came out and denied it. Two wrongs don’t make a right, and two lies don’t make a truth.

Slater attributed this to business-as-usual in negotiation. Curious. If they are just going to “meet in the middle,” why not just ask for $50 million? When does the number become “absurd”?

According to people with blue checks next to their Twitter handle, it was when the first digit became a 4.

The Cowboys have put it out there that they have made a top five offer. An offer then that Dak is currently declining. At minimum that puts him at $30 million APY with Matt Ryan. Also, the franchise tag dictates the market as well. The tag next year would be about $32 million and the following year would be about $38 million. So that averages to $35 million (but would give the Cowboys an out after 2021). 

The analytics experts like Pro Football Focus have done their due diligence to put numbers out there that argue for not paying Dak. At the same time, the Dak apologists sound like they are describing Tim Tebow with tattoos. 

Granted, Dak’s rookie deal is a bargain. However, unlike Zeke, he has sponsors as QB1 of the Dallas Cowboys. And for what it's worth, a “hometown discount” isn’t relevant to the conversation… yet. Dak is not Dirk... yet.

Pop quiz: if you went to Spotrac and filtered QB contracts listed in order of highest APY, how many quarterbacks would you find ahead of Dak? I lost count when I got to 70...

Another visual for you:

Player  Total Dollars     APY Total GTD
Dak $2,723,393 $680,848 $383,393
QB#2 $35,158,645 $8,789,661 $35,035,000

Do you know who QB #2 is? I’ll give you a hint: he has never thrown a pass in an NFL regular season game.

Kyler Murray, anybody?

One thought exercise is to ask: if Dak was on the open market as an unrestricted free agent, what would he get?

What do you think Dak will get - not what you think he should get? Comment below. (You can also comment what you think he should get.)


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