Dish Happens Ep 1003 - Coaches Week - Buddy Ryan

December 24, 2018

Cris E Dishman

DISH Happens Podcast
Episode 1003
Coaches Week - Buddy Ryan
Hosts: Cris Dishman and Jennifer drJ Thibeaux
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Brian DeMarco
9 months ago
Buddy Ryan had a huge impact on my NFL career as well. At the Senior Bowl in 1995 Buddy was watching us offensive lineman go through one on one. Let just say there was a play where I was a little extra aggressive. I ended up putting the opposing player on his back several yards from the LOS. Buddy yelled out...thats the exact kind of player I want on my team....with a few extra creative expletives. That comment was heard by every other NFL coach in the area, and ended up significantly improving my draft status. Thanks coach!

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