Eliminate Distractions

February 27, 2019

Taylor Symmank
Your attention is everything…make it count!

There are many reasons for us to get distracted, but there are certain things that are bound to distract us no matter how focused we are. Here are a few things that can help insure you don’t ever get distracted…

  1. Know your purpose
  2. Have a plan
  3. Create a deadline

Let’s address these in order…first, know your purpose. If you don’t know your purpose, or the meaning of your life or to the task you have at hand then you are bound to get distracted or worse waste time. When we don’t have a reason for doing something we make it easy for ourselves to step in and out of being present in the moment. There is no expectancy or necessity that is implied, therefore there is no drive to stay on task or give our best effort. This applies for both the macro (all of life) and the micro (the tasks you have each day) of life, and if we don’t understand this we will be wasting a whole lot of our time energy! Thus, sacrificing the legacy we could have made.

I know that may sound harsh, but it is the cold reality to the truth about life. If we are not intentional on what we are doing each day, and why we are doing it…we may end up working hard for something we really don’t want. That right there my friends, would be a sad story, and I don’t want anyone to live through that. That is why I telling you this now, because I care and I want you to make the most of the life you have been given. None of us know the day or hour when the clock will stop ticking, but we can control what we do with the time we still have left! Let this be a challenge to you, a wake up call if you will, to take advantage of the moments you have and to set clear intentions for what you are trying to accomplish in life. With that being said, lets go over a few ways that we can make the most of our time and rid ourselves of disraction.

“Don’t mistake movement for progress.”

Second, you must have a plan. Without a plan of action, you are setting yourself up for failure. That would be like just hoping in your car and driving, but don’t have any idea where you are going. When we do this, we have mistaken movement for progress! Meaning, we thought that just because we were moving in a direction that we were being productive. But what if you are headed in the wrong direction, or what if your headed in the right direction but you take the wrong exit. Of course, eventually you would hope that you find the place you are looking to go but you would have wasted a whole lot of time! So, we must create a plan for how we go through life and through our days. The only way we do that is by first understanding/knowing what the destination is and the direction we would have to go. For after understanding this we can make all our efforts align with that destination. Unfortunately, many of us have not taken the time to find what destination we would like to arrive at and therefore we have felt the effects of distraction and lack of focus. When we don’t know where we are headed, we are setting ourselves up for failure as well as plenty of moments distraction. So, I am challenging you now to take a few moments to really think about where it is you would like to go and what it is you would like to do. This step is massively undervalued and I will probably guess that about 80% of people who are reading this will read right past this and never take the time to figure this out. But for those other 20% of you who will take the time, it will be one of the greatest things you can do for yourself! Now, I need you to understand the last piece of the puzzle because it is incredibly important.

Thirdly, you must create deadlines. This is vital to anyone who wants to succeed, especially if you want to shrink down the time to achieving it. You need to use this a mechanism for putting you in a state of necessity, which will enable you to achieve more than you ever thought possible. Creating deadlines for your plans that really push you to achieving them quickly is a step that many people forget about when they are creating their plans for life or even for their day. Don’t let one of those people be you, you will vastly regret it!

I hope this brought some things to your attention that maybe you weren’t thinking about, but more importantly I hope it challenged you to step up and take some actions to allow yourself to live your full life!

Much love, and I will talk to yall again soon!


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